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Revival of Hate Speech


Frustration due to proclamation of independence of Kosovo engendered a strong revival of hate speech in public discourse, notably in the print media. Channeled anger towards international community actors, those considered by Serbia to be the most responsible for loss of Kosovo, heralded the return of the old stereotypes about internal and external foes to the media scene. However, the anger is focused on the US, while the EU is called the "US maid." President of the Socialist Party of Serbia, Ivica Dacic, at the 18th February 2008 parliamentary session demanded that all political parties and NGOs backing independence of Kosovo be banned in Serbia. And radio FOKUS on the 19th of February called on arrest of Nataša Kandic and Sonja Biserko.


Svetlana Vasovic Mekina, "Politika" correspondent from Ljubljana:

Kacin explained Slovenia's position on Serbia to "Politika"' correspondent on the sidelines of the War Crimes Conference. He also said that Serbia's autism is equal to a man cutting his own penis, in order to spite his wife. (.) Such a primitive statement of the Slovenian official illustrates all misunderstandings between EU and Serbia (.) Suffice it to remind our readers that Kacin was a Minister of Propaganda in June 1991, during the "Slovenian war against Yugoslavia." He then proved himself as a master of spin and of creating lies, while today he emulates that 90's practice of his in a bid to convince us that Serbia shall castrate its chances for an EU future if it keeps insisting on international law and defense of its territory.

(Politika, 14 February 2008)


Vladimir Radomirovic, deputy editor-in-chief of "Politika":

Since the mid 90's EU has been toeing the Washington line, as proved by the backing rendered by the biggest EU members to the US-initiated unlawful independence of the tiny Serb province. Ministers of states mentioning the "European prospects of Kosovo" are only deceiving their public at large and Kosmet Albanians, and postponing the acknowledgment that "this is the hour of Americans, and not Europeans."

(Politika, 19 February 2008)


Djoko Kesic, editor-in-chief of "Press":

(.) No-one is surprised by the positions of Lucifer's children, Americans and Brits. But the most interesting spin-off is the emergence of Slovenia, currently presiding over the EU main bodies. Its envoy, an ugly man called Jelko Kacin, with a charm of the Chinese merchant, several days ago came to Belgrade to make a statement, couched in Aesopian terms, that it would be good if Serbia were the first to recognize the state of Kosovo (.) He is a representative of the very same country which has been feeding Shiptari separatism for thirty years now. He is representing a country which in Serbia opened one thousand enterprises, while his government's decision banned any Serb investment in Slovenia.

(Press, 19 February 2008)


Radoš Ljušic, historian and director of Institute for Textbooks:

Current developments are a throwback to Hitler's Anschlus, when Germany annexed Czechoslovakia. What we are going through now, concerns only Americans and Serbs. Part of our territory was separated from us because of the military base "Bondstill", and not because of age-old conflicts between Serbs and Albanians, which, in this case, became a "collateral damage". It is clear that the new-third world war-is being prepared- and its two prime movers shall be Russia and America.

(Vecernje novosti, 19 February 2008)


Ljubivoje Ršumovic, poet:

What the human force appropriates, God's force shall restitute. I am not familiar with paths of God's force, but I believe that God shall lend us his help, if we ask for it.

(Vecernje novosti, 19 February 2008)


Siniša Kovacevic, playwright:

Europe does not have a stand on Kosovo. If fact it has it, but currently it must obey the US orders. In the face of the US imperative and its aggressive stance, Europe has bowed its head, and moreover, lowered its pants.

(Glas javnosti, 20 February 2008)


Predrag Popovic, editor-in-chife and responsible editor of daily "Pravda":

Some of our opposition leaders shall be very angry, some less so. But the result shall be the same. Even Ceda Jovanovic feigned his concern over secession of Kosovo. His eyes were ablaze with anger when he had learnt that Beba's hair gel got dry, then with a frown on his face, he mumbled, lest the Americans hear him, that he loves Kosovo. Even Tachi did not place trust in his words.

(Pravda, 20 February 2008)



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