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Harangue against Sonja Biserko

The state and society in deep moral crisis

November 25, 2013

The right-wing’s vulgar and dangerous assaults at Chairwoman of the Helsinki Committee for Human Rights in Serbia Sonja Biserko on the one hand, and governmental institutions and political structures’ failure to adequately react against them on the other testify of the Serbian society’s deep moral crisis.

Publishing, commenting and ridiculing any initiative for a testimony before the International Court of Justice is impermissible, the more so since only the Court is authorized to decide the outcome of such an initiative. Therefore, there is no interpretation of reactions by certain circles in Serbia other than an uncivilized attempt at influencing the highest international court all of which reveals the poor state of Serbia’s legal consciousness. Moreover, deliberations about the side to benefit from someone’s testimony and the one to be harmed by it reflect cultural backwardness – not only contrary to the spirit of modern times but also to the tradition of the Serb nation dating back in the Middle Ages. As it seems, today’s „patriots“are unaware that Mother Jevrosima of Serbia’s epic poetry taught her son to tell the truth and only the truth, without fear or favor. They are unaware that a witness under oath is duty-bound to tell truth: to whose advantage or disadvantage has nothing to do with justice.

These „patriots“fear the truth about the developments in 1990s and try to hide it by assaulting Sonja Biserko. They, as well as those who silently support them, ignore that Sonja Biserko is someone who has been promoting human rights and democracy in Serbia with dedication for over twenty years, a person rewarded and renown internationally for her work. And instead of her work being appreciated in Serbia as well, she is subject to a harangue typical of Europe’s evil days.

This is why we, signatories of this petition, express our solidarity with and support to Sonja Biserko, call upon Serbia’s authorities to stop flirting with the extreme right, intolerance and violence, and fully commit themselves to the promotion and protection of European cultural and political values.


Alliance of Anti-Fascists of Serbia

Women in Black

Center for Euro-Atlantic Studies

Helsinki Committee for Human Rights



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