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Chronicles 23

Ethnology of Everyday Life

by Prof. Aleksandar Boskovic


The book is a compilation of the author's articles published in the column the Dnevni Telegraf daily was running until the Milosevic regime closed its newsroom down in October 1998 (in April 1999, the Serbian secret police assassinated the paper's editor-in-chief and owner, Slavko Curuvija). The book stands not only for a testimony of "the time of evil," but also as a warning about some renewed developments and trends. In this context, another two political murders - those of Ivan Stambolic in 2000 and Premier Zoran Djindjic in 2003 - have marked a dramatic aggravation of the situation in this part of the Balkans and indicated that fundamentalist, nationalistic forces in Serbia would refrain from nothing to attain their goals. In the meantime, Prof. Boskovic has actualized some of his previous texts and written new ones, given that, as he put it, "everyday life in Serbia is, unfortunately, a source of permanent inspiration." The book - a dissection of Serbian nationalism - is composed of three parts: Body Politics, Everyday Politics and Policy of the State that Died Away.


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