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Chronicles 18

Serbia in the Orient

by Sonja Biserko


Though not specifically thematic writings, the authorial pieces collected in this book make up a rounded whole reflecting the author's attempt to get to the very core of the Balkan and primarily the Serbian catastrophe at the end of the 20th century. This plunge into a dark era of Serbia's modern history that resulted in an unprecedented human and material devastation, leads Sonja Biserko to rational explanations a reader will find in this book. In these explanations the reader will recognize not only a committed chronicler of wasted times, but also a serious interpreter of the causes behind the pathology that unavoidably led the Serbian society to (self) destructive consequences.

Presented in a chronological order - from the early 1990s to the beginning of the new century - the collected articles provide the right dimension to the level-headed analysis of the developments the outcome of which was, as a rule, predictable and, also as a rule, adverse. Such lucid anticipation of the cause-consequence relationship and the overtness by which this anticipation is told in public made Sonja Biserko a kind of loner at domestic scene. However, her nonconformism is a part of her personal integrity and courage.

This was how the editor of "Serbia in the Orient," Seska Stanojlovic, introduced the book to the readership.


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