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Chronicles 32

The Power of Personal Responsibility

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In October 2008 Latinka Perovic marked her 75th birthday anniversary. The book "The Power of Personal Responsibility" - a collection of articles by her friends and associates - is the homage to her years-long research and endeavor to interpret Serbia and its attempts at modernization. This book is also the homage to her life-long advocacy for truth, tolerance, individual honesty and courage, and sense of responsibility for one's own country. It is also the homage to Latinka Perovic as a person, historian, politician and, above all, a friend and associate.

Of all Serb historians, Latinka Perovic probably did the most for deeper understanding of the beginnings of Serbia's modern history in the 19th century that preconditions any understanding of the ongoing drama of the Serbian society trying to make the stock of its two-century wavering. Likewise, understanding the true nature of Serbia's longstanding political option - that of Serbia's hegemonism in the Balkans, which ended in crime - preconditions proper responses to all the dilemmas it is nowadays dramatically faced with.

At one stage of her life when she was an outstanding politician, Latinka Perovic paid due respect to the complexity of the Yugoslav federation and opposed Serbia's continual denial to make the effort such a complex state necessitated. In this regard she was among the few who understood this complex federation and the need for equal relations between its republics on which it actually rested. Her perception of ex-Yugoslavia's disintegration is, therefore, unique among Serb historians and politicians alike.

This book that manifests our deep respect for Latinka Perovic is also an attempt to curb marginalization of her person, her work and her understanding of Serbia. Without perception and understanding such as hers Serbia can hardly become a part of the family of European nations.


Helsinki Committee for Human Rights in Serbia


(The book is available in Serbo-Croat only)




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