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Chronicles 24

Dubrovnik: 'War for Peace'

Prepared by Branko Vojicic


Even fifteen years after the month's long siege of Dubrovnik, Serbia would not accept the truth that Serbian troops, particularly the former YPA, have had anything to do with it. The scope of Dubrovnik's destruction is still taken with reserve, while many voice their suspicion that this was all about a "Croatian complot" the purpose of which was to have Croatia recognized as an independent state. This is why this book is primarily aimed at Serbian and Montenegrin readerships. A reader will find within its covers a compilation of articles and original documents - about preparations for the war and the war, and not only the bombardment of Dubrovnik, but also the war wagged in entire Croatia - prepared by Branko Vojicic, journalist from Podgorica.

While destruction of Dubrovnik was in full swing, on October 1, 1991, Dobrica Cosic wrote down in his diary that Milorad Vucelic /then director of the Radio and Television of Serbia/ had called him in, exhilarated, to say he would "have a cup of coffee at Stradun, in Dubrovnik, today or tomorrow at the latest." "Milorad is delighted. He is excited and elated by Montenegrin courage," writes Cosic. Others like Ljubomir Tadic, philosopher, aware of destruction, warn, "From the very beginning I've strongly opposed occupation of Croatian towns. What they are doing in Dubrovnik and around the town is as stupid as it can be. However, one must admit that propaganda effect of destroyed towns is impressive. But what about Serbian villages that are also destroyed - as if nobody cares about them. One cannot turn a blind eye to this destruction. For instance, what about the village of Mirkovci that symbolizes the entire destruction? No one has raised voice against destruction of Mirkovci."

The book was published as a part of a larger project, "Coming To Grips with Serbia's Prevalent Ideological Matrix," thanks to the support provided by the Federal Republic of Germany within the framework of the Stability Pact for South-Eastern Europe.


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