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“Feminism is the Old Black”

May 26, 2014, Cultural Center “Parobrod” /Steamship/


The Belgrade Youth Group of the Helsinki Committee for Human Rights in Serbia staged an exhibition and screened a documentary within the project “Feminism is the Old Black” that promotes feminism and critical reading of the popular culture. The exhibition shed light on the way in which texts of turbo-folk songs – the music genre borne in the warring 1990s that hardly changed its “cultural” matrix since – have been constructing gender relations. As a highly popular genre including among younger generations, turbo-folk actually symbolizes Serbia’s present-day social realities. The Belgrade Youth Group wanted to lay bare its devastating effects on embedment of gender stereotypes on the one hand, and emancipative potentials of a predominantly patriarchal society such as Serbia on the other.

The documentary “Feminist Literature in Ecstasy” – connecting the reading of excerpts from favorite feminist books with pleasant sensations – opened the exhibition.

The event attracted more than 200 visitors. Further information available at:










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