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Human Rights Are No Joke

Belgrade, April 1st 2015, Human Rights House


The Belgrade-based youth group of the Helsinki Committee had an open house under the slogan “Human Rights Are No Joke” on April 1st 2015.

The group’s guests, high school and university students, had the opportunity to learn about its activism through brief, keynote speeches on human rights, feminism, the queer theory and anti-fascism. Young activists also presented some of their most attractive projects such as “Feminism is the Old Black” of May 2014, “Our Queer Childhood” of September 2013 and „Film in Facsism / Fascism in Film“ of April 2014.

Addressing their guests young activists presented them an overview of their past projects but also highlighted the problems plaguing marginalized social groups. They presented them with theoretical prerequisites for proper planning of actions meant to raise people’s awareness about specific problems and ultimately help to have those problems solved. For their part, visitors seized the opportunity to pose a variety of questions about the group and put forth ideas for its future projects.

So the open house turned into a threefold even so to speak: it exhibited the group’s work, welcomed new membership and stressed the importance of human rights and youth activism.

















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