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Prevention of Torture in the Institutions of Central and Eastern Europe



April 2004 - April 2005

06/30/2005 , HCHRS

Authors: Marija Jelic, M.D. Igor Kuzmanovic, M.D. Gordana Lukic - Samardzija, Natasa Novakovic, Marijana Obradovic; Consultant on the Project: Marija Jelic; Belgrade, May 2005; This publication is published thanks to the Assistence of
the European Comission - European Initiative for
Democracy and Human Rights and its support to the project "Prevention of Torture - Support for the Rehabilitation of Victims of Torture"

This publication is the output of the Helsinki Committee for Human Rights in Serbia's activity over the second year of
the implementation of the project "Prevention of Torture: Support to the Rehabilitation of Victims of Torture" that is realized thanks to the assistance of the European Commission - European Initiative for Democracy and
Human Rights. Apart from the Helsinki Committee for
Human Rights in Serbia, this three-year project includes Bulgarian, Hungarian...   Acrobat PDF (657kb) >>>



April 2003 - April 2004


PUBLISHED BY:Helsinki Committee for Human Rights in Serbia; FOR PUBLISHER:Sonja Biserko; AUTHORS:Marija Jelic, dr Igor Kuzmanovic, MD, NataĊĦa Novakovic, Marijana Obradovic; CONSULTANT IN THE PROJECT:Marija Jelic; Translated by: Spomenka Grujicic; Belgrade, April 2004

The current legislation does not provide that
non-governmental organizations may visit institutions accommodating persons deprived of their liberty. Among other things, this is to be ascribed to non-existent law on
non-governmental organizations. Given that it was not possible to formalize the necessary relationship with the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Serbia, the Helsinki Committee established informal ties with the Central Prison Administration, the authorized body functioning within the Ministry. Actually, this was about a "gentlemen's agreement" - seven days before a planned visit to a specific institution
the Helsinki...    Acrobat PDF (780kb) >>>



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