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Kosovo with lowest rate of corruption
in the region

New Kosova Report

5 June 2009


ImageThe latest Transparency International Global Corruption Survey places Kosovo as the country with the lowest rate of corruption in the region.

Kosovo is listed in better standing ahead of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, FYR of Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia and Turkey. Kosovo has better rating even compared to EU member countries like Romania and Bulgaria.

Memli Krasniqi, spokesman of the Government of Kosovo, told the Kosovo media that the Government of Kosovo is pleased that Kosovo is improving its rating compared with earlier reporting and also compared with the others in the region, however Krasniqi added that the Government has taken serious note of all the remarks and criticism raised in the report.

According to Prime Minister Thaci the TI Survey represents an important international reference for Kosovo which proves that democratic governance in Kosovo has scored concrete results in its fight against corruption.

"This is a very high evaluation but in the same time a new responsibility for us meaning that we should not get self satisfied. We have achieved a lot but we need to achieve even more. Kosovo has made big positive changes and our path towards EU integrations is going to be short if we continue with our commitment towards the rule of law and fight against corruption and organized crime", Prime Minister Thaci said in a press conference today.

The report differentiates the judiciary and the political parties as leaders in corruption and for this Government spokesman Krasniqi said that the Government will shortly submit to the Assembly of Kosovo the Law on the financing of the political parties which should create the needed legal framework to act and repair the situation.



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