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Excursion for boys and girls from
Kosovska Kamenica


A one-day excursion for young Serbs and Albanians from the municipality of Kosovska Kamenica (Dardanë) was organized on Monday, July 29, 2009 by the Pristina office of the Helsinki Committee for Human Rights in Serbia.

The excursion had 51 participants, boys and girls, most of which are members of the women's volley ball club "Arberia" which competes in the Kosovo super league (12 Albanian and 8 Serbian girls). Additionally, there was the table tennis team from the village Kololec (10 Serbs) and members of the Serbian football club "Rudar" and the Albanian "Dardani" from Kamenica. They were guided by the representatives of the Kamenica municipality: Teuta Selimi officer for return, Zoran Jovanovic coordinator for culture, sports and youth and Agim Abdullahu coach of women's volley ball team.

The participants of the excursion visited Gnjilane, Vitina, ski-center Brezovica, tourist area of Prevalac on the Šara mountain and the city of Prizren.

In Brezovica, the representatives of the Kamenica municipality have discussed the possibilities of sports teams' joint trainings at the center with ski-center management. It is agreed upon that one volley ball and one football game be played between the teams from Kamenica and Štrpce. Additionally, the visitors from Kamenica have presented a ski-school project which would be realized at the end of the year at the Brezovica ski center courts. The project envisions the participation of 30 boys and girls (15 Serbs and 15 Albanians). The Center's management has shown willingness to help in the realization of this project.

In the city of Prizren, the young men and women have visited cultural-historical monuments (St. Archangel monastery, the Old Turkish hamam, Orthodox seminary, Sinan-Pasa's mosque etc.), walked around the city, went shopping and gathered in coffee shops.

The majority of participants have visited these sites for the first time, and for the Serbs from the village of Kololece, this was the first trip outside their enclave.

In Prizren, they were walking in a group, with fear. At the beginning, they refrained from talking while curiously looking around. However, after our encouragement to freely move and communicate in their language, they went shopping, again in a group. They returned surprised and cheerful because they were able to communicate in Serbian in stores, they even joked a little and bought what they wanted. Afterwards, they relaxed and went by themselves to a coffee shop for a drink, a pastry shop and then for some local burgers.

The children most frequently associated amongst themselves regardless of their ethnic background, singing and dancing together. Albanians sang Serbian songs, and some of the Serbs even a popular Albanian song. All of them, almost without exception, have sung a popular song in the Serbian language. The children have danced a traditional dance near the tourist area in Prevalac and on the streets of Prizren on their way to the bus which was waiting for them at the outskirts of the city.

The excursion was very successful and enjoyed by all participants. At its end, after 8:30pm, upon returning to Kamenica, the participants commented how short the excursion was.


















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