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Report on the fieldtrip for citizens of Serbian enclaves from the territory of Kosovska Kamenica Municipalities organized on November 22, 2009.


On November 22, the Kosovo Office of the Helsinki Committee for Human Rights in Serbia organized a fieldtrip for citizens of Serbian enclaves from the territory of Kosovska Kamenica municipality (Busince, Gogolevce, Ranilug, Ropotovo, Koretin and city of Kamenica).

The group, which consisted of 44 members, all of them young men and women, except for two older men a one older woman, visited the city of Prizren and the monastery of Visoki Decani. In Prizren, they visited the church of Bogorodica LjeviĆĄka, the church of Sveti Spas and the Seminary (Bogoslovija). They also walked around the city center and had lunch there. In Decani, they visited the monastery of Visoki Decani, lit some candles, and bought postcards, wine, icons and other souvenirs from the monastery.

The fieldtrip was peaceful, without any incidents. The young men and women walked through the streets of Prizren in groups, they moved freely, communicated in Serbian among themselves as well as in shops where they bought various items. No one had any objections. They all spoke well of the trip and expressed their gratitude to the Helsinki Committee for organizing it.

Marija Antic, a student of the final grade of the Kamenica high school said: "It was really great. It was a beautiful and divine feeling to be able to visit Visoki Decani and Prizren, with the help of the Helsinki Committee. Passing under the earthly remains of Stefan Decanski is amazing. I could barely wait for an opportunity to come here, since we are not able to come otherwise".

Dusan Vasic also spoke affirmatively of the fieldtrip, saying: "This trip was organized really well. We were able to learn a lot about the monastery and our history. The Monastery of Visoki Decani and Prizren are really wonderful", while student Dalibor Jovanovic added: "I can tell you that I was impressed with what I have seen for the first time, especially in the city of Prizren. The atmosphere on the streets is wonderful and there were no inconveniencies. All in all, Prizren was, and still is, a city with a great soul and historical heritage. I would be very happy to visit again, in order to conclude my impressions of the city".

Local media from Prizren covered this fieldtrip and took statements from its participants, while Radio Blue Sky - RTK broadcasted a five minute report on this issue.

The fieldtrip started at 9:30 a.m. and ended at 10:30 p.m.

Ivan Kuzminovic
Executive Director HCHRS





















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