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Belgrade - Prishtina Dialogue

October 14-15, 2010


Bearing in mind that the state of Kosovo is a new reality in the Balkans calling for the establishment of new relations in the region, particularly between Serbia and Kosovo, based on mutual respect, understanding and tolerance, and with a view to improve citizens' everyday existence, contribute to the respect for human rights and promote the values and standards that precondition speedier movement towards the European Union,

Taking into account that civil society organizations can be major factors of communication in the process of preparing the terrain for future mutually beneficial cooperation,

Considering the two-decade positive experience and cooperative efforts of civil society organizations and individuals working on a variety of projects in the domains of culture, human rights, media, education for the young, economy, etc.,

And taking cognizance of present-day circumstances in which these organizations may contribute to transformation and renewal of regional relations,

- We, civil society representatives from Serbia and Kosovo, appeal to political, economic and cultural elites to harness their energy for the establishment of close relations in the social spheres that may encourage various forms of cooperation for the well-being and equality of citizens of Serbia and Kosovo;

- Commit ourselves to a continued dialogue to identify specific needs and concerns of all citizens and communities in Kosovo, as well as partners in the cooperation between citizens of Serbia and Kosovo;

- Through cooperation in certain areas such as culture, economy and human rights we shall endeavor to find real-life solutions to serious real-life problems, as well as to contribute to bilateral relations in the domains of culture, education, media and economy;

- We appeal to all interested stakeholders to actively participate in these processes and contribute with their suggestions to a more and more substantive dialogue;

- We stand in solidarity against all policies based on inequality.



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