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Battered Women Who Killed Their Abusers

Production: Helsinki Committee for Human Rights in Serbia


By Izabela Kisic and Zlatko Pakovic


This is a documentary about women their husbands or partners have abused for years, even decades. These women have found a way out of their brutal ties by murdering their abusers. They have been sentenced to years-long imprisonment. Are they criminals or victims who have taken the law into their own hands? Why couldn’t they just walk out on their abusers? Had anyone lent them a helping hand before? What is in store for them after prison? These are only some of the questions women prisoners, psychologists, lawyers, sociologists, parliamentarians and experts in domestic violence are trying to explain.

Fifty-four percent of women in Serbia are subject to some form of domestic violence. This is a document about this form of brutality.


Film crew:

Izabela Kisic (scriptwriter and researcher);

Zlatko Pakovic (director);

Nikola Djuricko (narrator);

Vlada Divljan (composer);

Dragoslav Mihajlovic (editor);

Rade Radivojsa (cameraman).


Duration: 30 minutes


The documentary was produced with the assistance of the Royal Netherlands Embassy, Belgrade, and Civil Rights Defenders



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