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FTV '60 minuta' , By Damir Kaletovic - '60 minuta' carries a report on alleged cooperation of former ICTY's Prosecutor Carla Del Ponte with "Belgrade regime", in order to hide a real truth of role of former Serbian President Slobodan Milosevic in aggression on BiH. Editor announces that the magazine will be reporting about this issue in its following editions, and notes that the first report, which dates back to May 2003, is entitled 'Carla for beginners'. Reporter notes that failure of BiH's lawsuit against Serbia for genocide and aggression could have been assumed in 2003, when Del Ponte self-initiatively promised to then Serbia and Montenegro the full protection of most sensitive parts of documentation from sessions of Supreme Defense Council.

Reporter further notes that Del Ponte's pact with official Belgrade was one of the key details which helped Serbia to clean itself from a role played in crimes which were committed in BiH. According to Kaletovic, Del Ponte instructed then Head of Serbia's Council for Cooperation with the ICTY Goran Svilanovic what to do about protection of war documentation regarding the Milosevic case. Meanwhile, Prosecutor Geoffrey Nice insisted that all documentation has to be delivered to the Prosecutor's Office, in order to easier prove Milosevic's involvement in crimes in BiH, adds the reporter. '60 minuta' carries a part of Del Ponte's letter sent to Svilanovic, as a proof to reporter's words.

Kaletovic further notes that according to one of the protected documents, the ICTY's fugitive Ratko Mladic was promoted to lieutenant general in 1994 by a decree of then Yugoslavia President Zoran Lilic, concluding that it proves role of official Belgrade in Srebrenica genocide. Thanks to Carla Del Ponte, continues the reporter, this fact could not have been used in trial of Milosevic or in lawsuit against Serbia before the International Court of Justice (IJC). Member of BiH Presidency Haris Silajdzic confirmed that, due to missing documents and evidence, Serbia was acquitted of charges. He stressed it was not true that Mladic was not subordinate to command of then Yugoslav Army, adding that it is proved by the document on his promotion as well as by other documents.

Chair of BiH Presidency Zeljko Komsic noted that not only Milosevic could have planned and participated in committing the crime in BiH, but that various institutions and structure were involved as well. He added that there are so many "dark secrets" are left to be uncovered.



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