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Securitizing Kosovo through radicalism

The Huffington Post, Erdoan A. Shipoli | May 31, 2016...   >>>




One thing not to
worry about

Daniel Serwer
May 23, 2016...   >>>


How Kosovo Was
Turned Into Fertile
Ground for ISIS

The NYT, by Carlotta Gall,
May 21, 2016...   >>>


Report inquiring into
the causes and
consequences of
Kosovo citizens’...

                                ...   doc >


The Little We Know
About the Jihadists
in Our Midst

Kenan Malik,
March 30, 2016...   >>>



Why the Arabs don’t
want us in Syria

Politico, By R. F. Kennedy, Jr

February 23, 2016...   >>>


‘ISIS is a modern
phenomenon; it is
really a new religion’

Interview: Jessica Stern
January 29, 2016...   >>>


Is Fascism Back?

Robert O. Paxton
January 7, 2016.

NEW YORK – In 2015,
“fascism” once again...   >>>


Right-wing 'new
reactionaries' stir up
trouble among
French intellectuals

October 9, 2015...   >>>



What Will Populism
Do To Europe?

Paweł Świeboda

There has been much wishful
thinking in Europe...   doc >


Religious extremism
in Macedonia

Aleksandra Savevska

Since the rise of the Islamic
State of Iraq and...   doc >


Queen Rania: Let's
Drop The First 'I' In
ISIS. There's Nothing
Islamic About Them

March 6, 2015...   >>>


The Rise of Extremist Parties in Europe

Ana Heras Del Arco

Populist extremist parties (PEPs) present one...   doc >



Europe’s Jihadi

Javier Solana

Madrid, January 27, 2015

He came from Algeria...   >>>


Flights From

Eva Hoffman

Among the most chilling
developments in the...   >>>


Rising Intolerance,
Discrimination, and
Hate Crimes Pose...

Basel Declaration

Basel, 2-3 Dec 2014...   pdf >


Round table
“Resistance to

Belgrade, November 12, 2014

The Helsinki...   >>>





























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