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Identities in Multicultural Communities

Novi Sad, November 11, 2015




The Helsinki Committee for Human Rights in Serbia held the youth seminar “How Is Serb Identity Being Formed Today?” The seminar was organized in Novi Sad with the assistance of the Foundation for an Open Society. Participants in the seminar were university students (philosophy and law) and the youth active in the human rights field.

Politicologist Jovan Komšić spoke about identities in multicultural communities and the influence of political actors on identity building. He said that “democracy is stable where social differences are not politicized.” Komšić added that continuous social and political changes often lead to identity crises.

Sociologist Srđan Barišić addressed revitalization of religion and its role in the contemporary Serbian society. Historian Milan Subotić discussed Russia-Serbia relations, collective identity and its influence on the public opinion.

Under the same project, the Helsinki Committee will organize the third youth seminar in Niš.






































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