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Roundtable discussion “Serbia in Russia’s Geostrategic Positioning”

Belgrade, Aeroklub, April 14, 2016




Participants discussed the following topics:

“Serbian – Russian Historical Analogies” (panelists: Latinka Perović, Milan Subotić);

“Identity Policies and Russophilia” (panelists: Jovan Komšić, Srđan Barišić);

“The Scope of Russia’s Soft Power in the Balkans” (panelists: Jelica Kurjak, Milivoj Bešlin);

“Geostrategic Priorities above Economic Cooperation” (panelists: Dimitrije Boarov, Mijat Lakićević) and

“The Balkans: Russia’s Platform for Testing EU” (panelists: Boris Varga, Jovan Teokarević).


Considering many Russian-Serbian analogies – either declared or real – notably in the resistance to change, values of the “Western civilization,” free market and the concept of human rights, as well as the fact that Russia’s presence in the Balkans has become a topic largely discussed internationally, the Helsinki Committee prepared the collection of papers titled “The Warp of the Serbian Identity” – the Committee hopes would contribute to further debate about this major issue.





















































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