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Dishonest Manipulation

Press Release

Belgrade, June 29, 2007


Dusan Mihajlovic, the police minister in the Zoran Djindjic cabinet, has been misusing these days the name of the Helsinki Committee for Human Rights in Serbia in its capacity as the publisher of the book "Testimony of Vladimir Popovic before the Special Court at the Djindjic Assassination Trial." Namely, while defending himself from allegations by other actors of the developments preceding the murder of Premier Zoran Djindjic, Mihajlovic has been referring to the book to justify his claims and invoking the facts that are simply non-existent in this publication.

The Committee publicized this testimony two years ago and the book contains nothing but what Vladimir Popovic publicly said as the witness for the Prosecution at the trial of the accused of the Premier's assassination. What motivated the Committee to publish it was the public interest for this trial and, in particular, for this specific testimony. The Committee, therefore, perceives Dusan Mihajlovic's present use of the book a dishonest manipulation, the more so since its content justifies not his claims in no way whatsoever.

Anyone can see all that by himself since the integral version of the book is available at the Committee's website at The Committee has run out of hard copies since the book was in great demand two years ago.



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