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Eleven Years since Srebrenica Massacre

Press Release by 17 NGO's and Other Organizations

07/06/2006 , HCHRS


We remind that this July 11 it will be 11 years since the most gruesome crime in Europe after the World War II, the international tribunal clearly called genocide, has been committed in Srebrenica.

We remind that those most responsible for this history's scorching shame are still at large and still considered national heroes by many.

We remind that Serbia - as long as the indicted for the Srebrenica massacre are not brought to justice, and the society as a whole does not distance itself from the policy that has led to it - will not be able to legitimize herself as a modern, democratic state.

We demand the authorities of the Republic of Serbia to finally meet their international obligations. We demand them to stand up and say what must be said to duly mark at least this eleventh anniversary of the massacre that has shocked the world, which they failed to do last July when the entire international community and individual countries were honoring thousands of defenseless people slaughtered in Srebrenica in 1995.


. Helsinki Committee for Human Rights in Serbia

. Lawyers' Committee for Human Rights

. Center for Cultural Decontamination

. Youth Initiative for Human Rights

. Civic Initiatives

. Humanitarian Law Center

. Women in Black

. Belgrade Circle

. Sandzak Committee for Human Rights, Novi Pazar

. Sandzak Intellectual Circle, Novi Pazar

. URBAN-IN, Novi Pazar

. Students' Union of Novi Pazar

. Returnees' Association "Reintegration," Novi Pazar

. Argus - Vojvodina Hungarians' Civilian Association for Minority Rights, Novi Sad

. Independent Journalists' Society of Vojvodina, Novi Sad

. Charitable Organization "Panonija," Novi Sad

. Center for Regionalism, Novi Sad



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