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44 NGO's Against Legitimization of Violence

February 29, 2008


Forty-four non-governmental organizations strongly condemn the last in the series of impermissible statements by Minister for Infrastructure Velimir Ilic, whereby he directly and openly instigates violence against political opponents, in the first place against the Liberal Democratic Party. On February 27, 2008 Minister Ilic said that the regime could not protect the people "advocating that Kosovo belongs not to us from being beaten up by someone who comes from Kosovo." His statement was actually a call for the lynch of all individuals who think differently.

We underline that in the entire history of Serbia no official has ever so overtly urged violence against political opponents. Not even has the Milosevic regime so openly invoked the killing and violence as today's ministers in the Serbian cabinet do.

Forty-four non-governmental organizations require the public prosecutor to institute proceedings against Velimir Ilic and investigate the government's responsibility for the Minister's assaults. We also demand the President of the Republic of Serbia to react and take a clear-cut stand on the calls for violence that have been spiraling over the past weeks.

This release has been circulated to all relevant international and European organizations, as well as to diplomatic missions in Serbia.


Committee of Lawyers for Human Rights - YUCOM

Helsinki Committee for Human Rights in Serbia

Belgrade Center for Human Rights

Center for Cultural Decontamination

Civil Initiatives

Women in Black

Lawyers for Democracy

Belgrade Circle

Anti-trafficking Center

Coalition against Hate Speech

Independent Journalists' Association of Vojvodina

Center for Regionalism, Novi Sad

Vojvodina Center for Human Rights

Regional Center for Conscientious Objection

Open Lyceum, Sombor

Citizens' Forum, Stara Pazova

Center for Development of Civil Society


Sandzak Committee for the Protection of Human Rights and Freedoms

Sandzak Intellectual Circle

Women in Black from Leskovac, Vlasotince, Vrbas, Velika Plana, Kraljevo, Kruševac, Kikinda, Becej, Pancevo, Pirot, Zajecar, Niš, Zrenjanin, Novi Pazar, Bor, Vranje, Dimitrovgrad, Babušnica, Boljevac and Tutin

SOS Vlasotince

Esperanca, Novi Sad



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