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A Brave, Historical Decision

Belgrade, December 22, 2009


The Helsinki Committee welcomes the Serbian government's decision to apply for EU candidacy. The decision irrevocably sets down the country's strategic orientation and European option. After decades of wondering Serbia's political elite has finally made a historical breakthrough that, at the same time, opens the door to a break-up with the recent past. And this would mean that Serbia has opted for a democratic transformation and modern European values: the rule of law, elimination of corruption and organized crime, and a different value system. The government's brave decision will be a test of readiness of all political actors, institutions and the society as a whole. A new political pattern calls for radical domestic changes.

Regardless of when the EU will give a green light to Serbia, the very application for EU candidacy places the country into a new political context, which all citizens of Serbia should respect and act responsibly in the process that will surely be neither easy nor ephemeral. No one should look forward just to financial gain and better living standards but also be ready for self-denial and patience.

EU's and US' decision to integrate the Western Balkan into Euro-Atlantic processes as soon as possible testifies of their resolve to have the region stabilized and all existing tensions solved through accession.



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