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Freedom of Expression Endangered

Belgrade, December 18, 2010.


On the evening of December 16, 2010 journalist Branko Zivkovic was assaulted while walking his dog. An unidentified person brutally attacked him from the back and hurt him in his head. On the following day Mr. Zivkovic went to the Emergency Center where he was given anti-tetanus protection and advised to rest for a week. Hit in his head, Zivkovic now suffers from amnesia and cannot recall what happened before or immediately after the incident.

This is the second time that Zivkovic was assaulted. A month ago he was attacked both verbally and physically. The incident was reported to the police, which tracked down and arrested the assaulter, and forwarded the case to the public prosecutor office. Threats and insults to which Mr. Zivkovic has been exposed for some time indicate that someone is rather bothered by his reports on delicate social issues such as Sandzak.

Constant harassment of Branko Zivkovic and assaults against him are nothing but a pressure on the freedom of expression, a phenomenon more and more frequent in Serbia. The space for free expression is anyway being reduced given that the media are closed to serious dialogues on crucial social issues. As Mr. Zivkovic works on-line assaults at him indicate he is under someone's constant control and pressure.



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