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Appeal to Decision-Makers

A New Consensus on Kosovo: A Road to Europe

6. September 2011.

Bearing in mind the deep economic and political crisis challenging today's Serbia, we appeal to all decision-makers to make an attainable goal - continuation of the process of EU integration - the priority of all priorities. The only way Serbia could possibly secure its economic recovery in the long run and thus not only better living conditions for all citizens but also normalization of the relations with Kosovo is to obtain EU candidacy and begin accession negotiations as soon as possible.

The false choice between Kosovo and EU is pushed by the part of the political elite that has been profiting from Serbia's economic and social disintegration for the past twenty years.

This political option imposes on Serbia tensions and conflicts as regional and global foreign policies while doing all in its power to obstruct Belgrade-Pristina talks only through which regional stability and Serbs' rights in Kosovo could be secured.

In pursuance to regional stabilization Belgrade has to cooperate on the abolishment of Serb parallel structures in the North and on placing the entire territory of Kosovo under EULEX control, as well as to encourage local Serbs to integrate into Kosovo society and subsequently look after them in an adequate way. By accepting the already existing plan that envisages a high degree of autonomy for Serbs in Kosovo's north Belgrade would make a major step in that direction.

And with an eye to EU membership and its only democratic future Serbia has reach a new national consensus on Kosovo as soon possible. The decision-makers presently in power are accountable for intensifying all the activities leading towards EU candidacy and the beginning of accession negotiations with EU, and mobilize the civil society, the media, rational political elites and other reform oriented actors for the process. We appeal to them not to hesitate in taking upon themselves this difficult task.


Helsinki Committee for Human Rights in Serbia

Civil Initiatives

BKV Fund


Lawyers' Committee for Human Rights

Center for Cultural Decontamination

Policy Center

Women in Black

Center for Euro-Atlantic Integrations

Forum for Security and Democracy



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