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Press Release

Antisemitism mirrors social mindset

Belgrade, April 1, 2013

The Helsinki Committee for Human Rights in Serbia is embittered by the fact that anti-Semitic posters have spread over downtown Belgrade these days. Unfortunately, not even such an open manifestation of basest instincts comes as a surprise.

The Helsinki Committee has been documenting for years that anti-Semitism in Serbia is suppressed but far from eradicated. The Committee has been regularly warning domestic and international public that Serbia’s anti-Semitism reflects the mindset of the society that is still under strong influence of most conservative, “patriotic” elites – the elites that, in fear of any modernism and individualism, cannot let go the obsolete concept of the ethnic state.

As it welcomes appropriate reactions by republican and city authorities, the Committee hopes this scandalous event would not end up once again as an “isolated” incident by extremist, right-wing and clerical-fascist groupings. For, Serbia’s education system, the media, ongoing court rehabilitations of WWII collaborationists and other trends contrary to the values of the modern times threaten with promoting xenophobia into predominant value judgments of the coming generations, the future decision-makers.



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