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To whom Tomislav Nikolić threatens?

Belgrade, October 17, 2015



The Helsinki Committee for Human Rights in Serbia strongly condemns President Tomislav Nikolić’s statement about “the outbreak of civil war in Serbia” in the event the official Belgrade recognizes Kosovo; speaking of which, it makes no difference whether his statement was meant to homogenize the nation again for the Kosovo question or it hinted a split in the ruling party.

The attempt at shaping the public opinion with fabrications about EU’s conditioning Serbia anew recently in Brussels – wanting it to recognize Kosovo – is a dangerous deception and blindfolding of citizens of Serbia. All relevant conditions were agreed on in the first Brussels Agreement signed two years ago.

What is Nikolić’s statement telling of? Is it that he, in his capacity as the President of the Republic and Supreme Commander of Armed Forces, would use force against those ready to recognize Kosovo? The fact that in this specific case “those” are in a convincing minority is of no consequence at all. What is of consequence is that opponents to the governmental policies were threatened with the use of armed force and that the force as such was introduced in the political arena and public discourse.

By giving such statements the President is creating a climate of hostility not only toward the resolution of the Kosovo issue but also all differently-minded people. First, statements as such stand in the way of a political agreement with Kosovo’s representatives; second, they hint at broken down negotiation; third, they move Serbia towards Russia; fourth, they open the door to radicalization at home; fifth, they force political actors to present themselves in the public eye either as patriots or traitors; and last but not least, they suspend reform moves and push Serbia into an abyss.

Need we remind that not long ago stage director Kokan Mladenović was lynched in the media for having said Serbia would end up in violence?

The Helsinki Committee expects the President of the Republic to take realities into account and think twice how much his policy might cost the country. The Committee expects him to be accountable and renounce the nationalistic palaver and myths threatening to Serbia.



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