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Academy President’s Courageous Gesture

Belgrade, October 19, 2015



The Helsinki Committee for Human Rights in Serbia welcomes the courageous gesture of President of the Serb Academy of Arts and Sciences /SANU/ Vladimir Kostić who spoke out about the reality recognizing Kosovo’s independence. Serbia’s elite would demonstrate their maturity by spelling this truth to citizens at large, he said.

The truth is that people in Serbia are fully aware of this fact. However, exposed to political and media manipulation all the time they have been under permanent pressure for national homogenization in the matter of Kosovo. What Academician Kostić said was a turning point when it comes to SANU – he distanced himself from the Academy’s once destructive policy and role it played in had in upholding the Greater Serbia project.

President of the Republic Tomislav Nikolić’s reaction to this statement asking for the Academician’s deposal and denying him the right to the freedom of expression is unacceptable to say the least.

It would be most welcome should it be SANU, considering its authority, to initiate a social dialogue on recognition of realities entailing the normalization of relations with Kosovo (and Albania) and Serb-Albanian historical reconciliation.

Many organizations and individuals in Serbia have been in communication with Kosovo for past decades thus preparing the ground for a dialogue at the level of state. Should SANU back its President, Serbia could get a chance for starting a process that opens its prospects and the prospects of the entire region.

The Helsinki Committee looks forward to a similar courageous gesture about Bosnia-Herzegovina.



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