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Who Desecrates Albanian Graves?

Belgrade, June 22, 2016



The Helsinki Committee has learned from several sources that ethnic Albanians from the villages in the Medvedja municipality were faced with a new form of harassment. Over the past twenty days unknown “archeologists” have desecrated several centennial family graves in the village of Tupale.

Local witnesses testify that in full daylight and at several locations unknown persons have been digging out family graves dating back at the late 19th century. Since all these old monuments have been desecrated illegally and without any permission from relevant landowners villagers alarmed the local police: the police has not taken any action so far.

The presence of obviously false archeologists deeply disturbed local Albanians who have been living there for centuries. The silence of the local police – disinterested, as a rule, whenever it comes to Albanians – only deepened their sense of insecurity.

The Helsinki Committee calls relevant authorities to investigate the identities of these “archeologists” and take all the measures necessary to protect the property of the Albanian community in Medvedja. The practice of not reacting against the constant pressure to which citizens of Medvedja are exposed is simply impermissible.



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