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Press release

Stop with Lies and Denial

Belgrade, February 26, 2017



The feuilleton titled “Genocide against Serbs in Sarajevo” the Politika daily has been running since February 23, once again ruthlessly distorts the facts about the war in Bosnia-Herzegovina in 1992-95. The installments are taken from the book authored by Milivoje Ivanišević and Dragana Grčić-Gavrilović.

This series of articles is clearly after picturing the Bosniaks as those committing the genocide. True, crimes have been committed against Serbs in Sarajevo. However, this feuilleton is fabricating the facts while denying the responsibility of the Serbs. Despite many verdicts by the ICTY related to the Bosnian war, undeniably indicating the crimes committed by the Serbian side, official Belgrade keeps belittling the attainments of this international tribunal, and at the same time negating and discrediting it.

The feuilleton brims with claims such as “Only in the first year of the war the Muslims have killed more people of Serb origin than fascists had throughout German occupation in the WWII.” “No doubt that Sarajevo is still among the biggest crime scenes with Serb victims, kept away from the public eye. This is evidenced by 123 concentration camps, brothels in which Serb women were slaves, over 7,000 killed Serbs and tens of mass graves exhumed so far. Dead Serbs witness the truth in the most convincing way. Their bodily remnants can be hidden away but their disappearance cannot…Rulers dread that their deception would be revealed and they are afraid of facing up the big lie of Sarajevo and the genocide against Serbs in Sarajevo,” argue the authors.

According to them, 123 either privately or state-run concentration camps with several thousand Serb prisoners per year operated in the Muslim section of the town. Allegedly, many of these prisoners were killed during interrogation or due to physical abuse. In addition, say the authors, many Serb women died of brutal treatment in brothels.

The devastating fact is that over the past five years the present regime has been systematically denying war crimes and their responsibility, while promoting war criminals who had been sentenced for mass crimes committed in Bosnia-Herzegovina above all. The discourse about recent wars that has been promoted on daily basis associates the campaigns heralding the 1990s wars. The warring rhetoric of numerous officials, notably of Foreign Minister Ivica Dačić, has fueled regional tensions and disturbed relations that had been on the upward curve before this regime came to power.

The Committee requests the government to stop misusing the media and start acting according to the spirit of friendship they have displaying before international factors, especially EU.

Now, more than two decades after the war in which the Bosniaks had been victims of genocide and expulsion, we are once against demanding the international community to put an end to the process that has been developed before our eyes: the process of turning the Bosniaks into the Palestinians. The migrant crisis has so much galvanized Islam-phobia that processes that could easily lead to explosion in the region are being overlooked.



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