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Norwegian Helsinki Committee

Student exchange: Mostar - Novi Sad

25th – 27th April 2014


Helsinki Committee for Human Rights in Serbia in partnership with the Faculty for Legal and Business Studies “Dr Lazar Vrkatic” from Novi Sad organized the fourth student exchange. This event made part of the project “Building Bridges, Not Walls – The Role of Universities in Peacebuilding”, which is supported by the Norwegian Helsinki Committee. Students from Novi Sad already visited Novi Pazar and Tuzla and last year they hosted students from Pristina. The fourth student exchange was organized with students from Mostar.

During the three days that students from Novi Sad spent in Mostar, they socialized with their peers from University “Dzemal Bjedic”, attended lectures together and visited cultural and historical places in Mostar.

Lectures about intercultural understanding, human rights and reconciliation, which are held parallel at the University in Mostar and at the Faculty in Novi Sad, also made part of this visit.

Representative of LDA Mostar, Dzenana Dedic, emphasized the importance of being active in one’s society. She presented several projects that this organization implemented in its community and talked to the students about possible activities whose goal is to create a better local community.

Acc. Prof. Dr Ivan Cvitkovic lectured about intercultural understanding and human rights. He talked about different identities with particular emphasis on national and religious identities. Students were also presented with information about educational system and its role in intercultural understanding and reconciliation.

Through forum theater and workshops, playwright Alma Moric-Djuliman focused on topics such as human rights, prejudice, stereotypes and importance of teamwork.



















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