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to Life!

August 11, 2015



Helsinki Committee for Human Rights in Serbia and its Novi Pazar-based youth group organized outreach events in Prijepolje, Sjenica and Novi Pazar. During the events, the youth handed out flyers with messages promoting tolerance and non-violence.

Outreach event in Prijepolje took place on 28 July. The youth in Prijepolje made a short video about the local population’s perception of extremism. The film that attracted many viewers was shown outdoors, in front of the Prijepolje Cultural Center. Youth group members wrote anti-extremist messages, such as “Extremism is dangerous to life!”, “I cheer for tolerant Prijepolje!”, “Extremism is not a ball for us to play with” and hung them on the clothesline in front of the Cultural Center. Before and after the screening of the film, the audience was invited to write their own messages of peace and tolerance.

A musical concert was organized in Sjenica on 29 July. Members of the youth group came up with several messages for the flyers that they distributed to the passersby, such as “Different is good”, “Stretch out your hand, be human”, “One life = the whole humankind”, etc. Halfway through the concert, the coordinator and a member of the youth group addressed the audience. They emphasized the importance of tolerance and countering violence in the community, motivating the local population to join their efforts in promoting tolerance.

The event in Novi Pazar took place at the city swimming pool on 8 August. Members of the youth group and their peers were wearing T-shirts with the slogan “Reach freedom, jump over extremism”. A banner reading “Tolerance has limits – extremism cannot be tolerated!” was hung on the pool fence. The youth also distributed hats with slogans “Keep your head from extremism” to the pool visitors. Throughout the event, a music band played at the pool.

Outreach events are organized with the support of the US Embassy in Belgrade as a part of the program “Reach Out Sandzak II”.




































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