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Youth in Action against Extremism and Violence

August 30, 2016



On April 9, 2016 the Novi Pazar-based youth group organized a mini-football tournament, promoting messages of tolerance and positive cheering manners. Some of the messages that the youth sent out during this event were “Cheer for sport” and “I don’t hate, I love”. The tournament gathered students from secondary schools and universities from Novi Pazar, as well as their teachers and other interested citizens.

Members of the youth group performed the theatre play “Pedagogical Decision-Making Show” in Novi Pazar on June 12, 2016. The theatre performance was based on Bertolt Brecht’s educational play “He Who Says Yes / He Who Says No”. The youth’s mentor throughout the preparation process was director Zlatko Paković. It is a very important play for the analysis of extremism and personal exercise of democratic and free decision-making in circumstances when authoritarian structures in power expect from individuals and groups to accept common behaviors with no criticism or question. After the performance of the play, one participant said that “the play allowed us to enter the world of adults and see how they make decisions, but also to motivate adults to reassess their own attitudes.”

Youth group members organized themselves in anti-extremist teams on June 23, 2016. They “patrolled” in the center of Novi Pazar, talking to the passers-by about the pressing issues in the local communities, raising awareness about countering extremist ideologies, distributing shirts, bags and flyers with messages of tolerance and respect for human rights. The goal of this event was to point to the importance of prevention of negative trends in the society that are related to violence and extremism. One youth group member said that “in this way we want to appeal to relevant authorities to take not only repressive, but also preventive measures. Even though they are doing some preventive activities, this is not enough. We also ask the citizens not to resort to violence.”

Outreach events are organized with the support of the US Embassy in Belgrade as a part of the program “Reach Out Sandzak II”.

















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