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Youth Initiative for Human Rights and Helsinki Committee Coordinated Flyer Handout on Belgrade Streets

Plateau in front of the Belgrade Philosophical Faculty

17th January 2008.

Starting in 1991 and continuing into 1999, 2002 and 2003 statements by leaders of the Radical Party, Vojislav Seselj and Tomislav Nikolic, have been extremely militant, chauvinistic and war-mongering.

While we conducted the flyer distribution we spoke to the passing public and attempted to see their thoughts on the past of the Radical Party, and the current ideology of the same party.


Following are some of the thoughts the passing public shared with us:

1. DSS Voter (Male)

"Progress is not feasible, if the Serbian Radical Party comes to power". Although the gentlemen does not view the Serbian Radical Party (SRP) as a dangerous party he made the following comment. " I do not fear them. After all the recent events, I do not fear anything anymore." The gentleman believes the SRP is a very powerful party that enjoys a popular backing in Serbia.


2. SRP Voter (Female)

The lady is a strong supporter of the SRP and has expressed that " The time is up to us to take what they took from us. " When she was asked on the SRP candidate's, T. Nikolic, statement that Vojislav Seselj would return as Prime Minister she said that she hoped it would happen. When further asked if consequences of this might lead to armed conflict, the lady responded " We should defend to the bitter end what we urge and advocate. " maintaining that using force is a viable option for her.


3. Respondent (Male)

Several individuals, such as this one, did not express their party loyalty but nevertheless answered our questions. This particular gentleman believed that if the Serbian Radical Party came to power that they would have to be "meeker." This individual was more afraid of the Democratic side due to his belief that they were "Perfidious."


4. Respondent (Female)

This individual also did not express his party choice but made several comments. When asked about the major political parties, she said that she believed that "they are all harmless, but none of them wish us well." She also discounts the possibility of war if indeed the Radical party came to power, she is also firm that the rumors regarding Seseljs return to the Serbian political scene are just that, rumors.


5. SRP Voter (Female)

She expressed severe distaste towards the NGO sector and wanted them to " do something for the people." She also believed that Seselj, in contrast to the NGO sector, did a lot for the people of Serbia.


6. Abstainee (Male)

"They are all dangerous."


7. Abstainee (Female)

"When they [Radical Party] come to power, nothing will change. Things shall remain the same."


8. Respondent (Male)

This student of Political Science doesn't believe that the Radical Party will come to power and that they still espouse their old ideology, mentioned in the flyer.


9. Respondent (Male)

" They are all dangerous, as I always believed them to be. This new, modified rhetoric of theirs is a sham. "


10. Respondent (Female)

This particular individual upon the question of the danger posed by the Radical Party answered that, " Any party that comes to power is dangerous." When asked about badges worn by prominent Radical Party member depicting the image of Seselj, she replied " badges are just symbols, nothing else."


11. SRP Voter (Female)

This SRP voter believed that peace and stability are possible with SRP in power. She also hoped for the return of Vojislav Seselj " if he is released at all." When this respondent was asked about SRP's stance on minorities she said that a Radical government would not harm them at all and would respect them. She was reminded of the Radical campaign of banishing all Croats from Vojvodina she replied, "..but minorities are dangerous, all they want is confrontation, we only defend ourselves." Paradoxically though, she later on claims that she would never back armed conflicts and in case of such development she would never vote for the Serbian Radical Party. In this case it is obvious that the defendant defends the behaviour of the state in the past, and identifies strongly with it. She also fails to perceive the link the past and the current policy. Another possibility is that she actually believes, just like most respondents, in a 'tolerant' election rhetoric by the SRP.


12. Respondent (Male)

" The Radicals are not dangerous, on the contrary."


13. SRP Voter (Male)

On his view of the Radical Party the gentleman responded, " They are the best." Further, when asked about the possibility of Seselj's return, he replied, " He wont be released." He added that he prefers Maja Gojkovic and that he thinks, " she is more tolerant."





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