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Chronicles 19

Serbia and the World: Between Arrogance and Humility

by Zivorad Kovacevic


"The democratization process in Yugoslavia is bent on ethnic pluralism, rather than on political. Individual citizens are perceived from national angle alone, while political institutions are imbued with nationalistic substance, instead with democratic one, thus postponing the country's democratic integration.Militant anti-communist and religious fanaticism fuel the nationalistic platform. This is about an absolute discontinuity with the inherited 'historical material,' about total negation even of those attainments Yugoslavia has made through its resistance to Stalinist, bureaucratic totalitarianism," warned Zivorad Kovacevic on the eve of the Yugoslav drama (1990). At that time people like Zivorad Kovacevic - highly educated, with great experience in internal politics and exceptional diplomatic skills - have already been marginalized, since Serbia under Milosevic did not need them.

Public statements made by Zivorad Kovacevic, his interviews, articles, contributions to a variety of meetings - primarily concerned with international relations and gross unawareness about these relations of the people who have had the last say about Serbia's fate for over 10 years - have been collected in the book "Serbia and the World: Between Arrogance and Humility."


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