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Chronicles 17, Vol. I

The Last Instance

by Srdja Popovic


"Lawyer Srdja Popovic's documents and comments collected in this book testify that crucial traits of an epoch - and not only of the epoch itself, but also of its historical roots and projections - can be successfully evaluated only from the angle of existing legislation and legal pathology of political trials. The book encompasses the period of eighteen years (1971-1988) and refers to the trials for the crime of hostile propaganda and similar crimes, to banned books, magazines and newspapers, and to appeals and petitions in the cases in which Srdja Popovic was defense lawyer, legal representative and even the accused party.

"With his superb professionalism and ethic integrity, Srdja Popovic has always stood against - should we inverse one of Popper's statements - 'political miracles, taboo superstition, chocking of truth' or overt violence. Therefore, his defenses provide valuable, even irreplaceable material for measuring the extent to which law and judiciary relate to citizens' freedoms," wrote, among other things, Popovic's colleague, Slobodan Beljanski, in the preface.


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