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Tribina “Sloboda izraza i interkulturalnost”


13. jun 2017. g. u 12h

Kuća ljudskih prava Kneza Miloša 4, Beograd



Helsinški odbor za ljudska prava u Srbiji organizuje tribinu “Sloboda izraza i interkulturalnost” u okviru našeg programa "Serbia and Kosovo: Intercultural Icebreakers". Na tribini će govoriti umetnici/e i kulturni radnici/e iz Beograda i Prištine:

Florent Mehmeti, reditelj i direktor pozorišta Oda, Priština

Blerta Zeqiri, rediteljka i scenaristkinja

Ognjen Glavonić, reditelj

Aleksandra Bosnić, kulturološkinja - moderatorka tribine


Tribina će se održati 13. juna 2017. g. u 12h u biblioteci Kuće ljudskih prava u Beogradu (Kneza Miloša 4).

Biće obezbeđen simultani srpsko-albansko-srpski prevod.

U nastavku možete pročitati kratke biografije učesnika/ca tribine. Vidimo se!









Florent Mehmeti has finished studies of Theatre/Film Directing in University of Prishtina. He has worked as a Manager for PR and Development from 2000-2002 at the National Theatre in Prishtina. One of the founders of Contemporary Art Centre in Prishtina in 2002. One of the founders and directors of ODA Theatre in Prishtina since 2003. Founder of HAPU - festival for art work in public space in 2015 in Kosovo. Initiator and currently president in the second mandate of Cultural Forum – a network of independent cultural organization in Kosova.

Artistic work in theatre include: Miss Julia; The Rose Tattoo; Wizard of Oz; Vagina Monologues; Three Fat Germans; American Buffalo; Doruntine & “The Sworn Virgin” (New York, Kosovo, Albania, Macedonia); Cat on a Hot Tin Roof; Invisible walls (theatrical experience in public space); Bolero (UK, B&H, Kosovo); Fools; Free world street and many other. Film and television work includes documentaries, short fiction, TV sitcoms Three Fat Germans in 63 episodes, New neighborhood in 27 episodes as well as other TV shows and programs. He has been actively involved in law making process and other cultural policy making processes, networking in cultural networks and initiating, managing and supervising many other cultural and artistic projects and programs for more than 20 years.



Ognjen Glavonić (1985, Yugoslavia) graduated Film and TV directing at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts, Belgrade. His short films have been screened at more than 50 international film festivals. His documentary, “Zivan Makes a Punk Festival”, produced in 2014, premiered at Cinéma du Réel film festival in Paris, France. This film has been screened at more than 50 international film festivals including IFF Rotterdam (2015), IndieLisboa (2015) and CPH:DOX (2014).

“Depth Two”, premiering at Berlinale in 2016, is Ognjen's first feature-length documentary. So far, it has been screened at 45 festivals, where it won 16 awards, including the Grand Prix awards at the Festival dei Popoli (Italy), ZagrebDox (Croatia), Open City Documentary Festival (UK), Message to Men (Russia), Kasseler Dokfest (Germany) Dokufest (Kosovo), Martovski Festival (Serbia) and Atlantida Film Festival (Spain). Glavonić is currently in post-production of his first fiction feature film, “The Load”, a project supported by the Eurimages, CNC (Cinémas du monde), Visions Sud Est, Hubert Bals Fund and Croatian Audiovisual Centre. He is the director and co-founder of Pančevo Film Festival (Serbia).


2009. Živan Pujic Jimmy / documentary, 20’

2010. Rhythm Guitar, Backing Vocals / short fiction, 23’

2012. Made of Ashes / short fiction, 17’

2014. Živan Makes a Punk Festival / documentary, 63’

2016. Depth Two / documentary, 80’

2018. The Load / feature, 90’



Aleksandra Bosnić was born in 1965 in Pančevo (Vojvodina, Serbia). She graduated from the Faculty of Philology, MA from Faculty of Philosophy and PhD from Faculty of Dramatic Arts. She was coordinator at the Creative center “Mediteran” and PR manager for the National Theatre in Podgorica (Montenegro) from 1992 to 1999, and she was editor of the first and second monograph of Podgorica’s International Alternative Theatre Festival (FIAT) and author of numerous theatrical criticisms in “Odbrana”, “Monitor” and “Vijesti”. She was founder of the Centre for Intercultural Communication (NGO) in Novi Sad (2012). Since 2013 she has been the member of the jury for the award “Medijakult” (award for media design of Vojvodina’s cultural space) and the Annual Price of the Cultural Institute of Vojvodina for the contribution to multiculturalism and interculturalism. Since 2015 she has been the program editor for the Council for the Preservation of Radomir Konstantinović’s Contemplative Heritage (Subotica). She has published drama “Poslednji orden” (The Last Decoration), Dignitas, Cetinje, 1996, the collections of essays “Po-etička traganja” (Poetic Searches), Kulturni centar Pančevo, 2008, monograph “Poetika tamnog vilajeta – Radomir Konstantinović o duhu palanke u srpskoj književnosti” (Poetic of Dark Vilayet – Radomir Konstantinović about the Small Town’s Spirit in Serbian Literature), Službeni glasnik, Beograd, 2011, monograph “Kultura nacije: Između krvi i tla” (Culture of Nation: Between Blood and Soil), University Press, Sarajevo, 2016. and numerous research papers. She is columnist



Blerta Zeqiri, born in 1979 is an award-winning Kosovar Director and Scriptwriter, member of EFA. She's worked on a number of shorts and feature films, which have participated in many International Festivals, such as: Sundance Film Festival, Oberhausen International Short Film Festival, Telluride Film Festival, Leeds International Film Festival, etc., winning prizes in a number of them.

After winning the Sundance International Short Fiction award in 2012, she returns with her debut feature-length film – The Marriage.

Before her Sundance accolade Blerta’s shorts have appeared in many world-renowned festivals; among them Oberhausen, Telluride, Palm Springs, the Hamptons, where she won numerous prizes.



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